With the goal of discovering the next generation of Filipino YouTube content creators, Smart introduced Launchpad to encourage the youth to showcase what they do best--- whether it’s singing or dancing, doing make-up tutorials, sharing travel tips or making people laugh.

    Out of 1,537 video entries submitted from all over the Philippines, three were chosen as the winners - MJ Labenia, Lesha Litonjua and Tops Unay. These content creators will fly to Los Angeles, California and team up with one of the most successful Filipino-American, YouTube acts – The Filharmonic.

    The a capella group competed in NBC’s hit musical competition, made the semi-finals and joined The Sing-Off national tour. The Filharmonic, consisting of VJ Rosales, Joe Caigoy, Trace Gaynor, Barry Fortgang, Jules Cruz and Niko Del Rey, was featured in the Universal Pictures hit movie, “Pitch Perfect 2.” The group expressed its excitement over the collaboration with Labenia, Litonjua and Unay. The chance to work with their countrymen is something The Filharmonic is looking forward to since they are very proud of their Filipino ancestry. Watch their video greeting below.

  • 18 Nov 2016

    Fil-Am vocal group The Filharmonic excited to collaborate with Smart Launchpad winners

    Posted on Nov 18, 2016

    The Filharmonic are set to create more Pinoy pride videos with Smart Launchpad winners.

  • October might be famous for Octoberfests and many beer festivals but the best festival this month is Bacolod’s the Masskara Festival.

    Masskara is a portmanteau for the words, “Mass,” which refers to the masses or the multitude of people, and, “Kara,” which is a Spanish word for the face. Simply put, the Masskara Festival is a festival that shows the, “face of the masses,” or more appropriately, “a multitude of smiling faces." Happiness is the main theme and all that is needed to enjoy the celebration is a smile.

    The recently concluded Masskara Festival has got to be the happiest festival in the Philippines. Not only because there were smiling masks all over the city but also because of the activities that brought the festival to life. Touted by many as a foodies haven, Bacolod provided its visitors with must-try restaurants and dessert cafés such as Chicken House, Aboy’s, Calea, Felicia’s & Tiffany’s. Different tourist spots are also scattered inside and outside the city – from The Ruins in Talisay to Lakawon Island off the coast of Cadiz.

    Through the years, the Masskara Festival has evolved and gone beyond the street dance competition, colorful masks, costumes and parades. Every year, more activities are attracting not only local tourists but foreign visitors as well.

    This year, Smart has presented two of the much-awaited events at the festival – the floats and the rave party.

    The Electrick Masskara Performing Floats Competition took place at the tourism strip last October 21. It featured vibrant, colorful and festive floats covered in neon lights and extravagant props created by the different barangays. The following day kept things exciting as the second leg of the competition featured the best performers. After the Electric Masskara Competition, the Masskarave Party commenced with DJ Ace Ramos, Nix Damn P! and MC Pao who performed and pumped up the crowd the whole night.

    To top it all off, Smart also brought special offers to the City of Smiles such as the Starmobile Play Click phone for only 1288, Gigasurf for heavy data users, My Smart for managing your account & redeeming of perks and iflix for your video streaming. All these were made available to Smart subscribers to keep connected & have an exhilarating Masskara festival experience.

  • 04 Nov 2016

    This year's Festival of Smiles in Bacolod still has us smiling

    Posted on Nov 04, 2016

    The Masskara Festival kept us smiling and so much more.

  • So you just got off your plane, got your luggage after scouting for it, you just hailed a cab and now are about to enjoy in your dream destination! Months and months of planning, preparation and anticipation have all lead to this, but now you are off the plane and about to embark on your new journey as a tourist, whether by yourself, with your friends or family. We're sure you've sorted the basics like where you are going to stay, currency exchange rates and transfers and the likes. But here are 5 recommendations to kick-start things the right way!

    1. Make an emergency plan.

    It seems like common sense but make sure you research and learn emergency telephone numbers in your new country. Know where to go in case of illness (and how you're going to pay for healthcare). Keep in mind to separately allocate extra cash in case of emergencies. You need to be more prepared than usual in foreign territory.

    2. Walk and explore.

    We have a strong feeling that you’re excited to become acquainted with the train network of the country you’re visiting (if they do have one) and may have discovered the closest bus stop. But the best way to explore a new city is on foot. Try setting aside one day for your wanderlust and explorations on foot. It's okay to get lost and have your own personal adventure.

    3. Don't forget to enjoy some 'ME time.'

    Take some time to enjoy activities which you've always loved to do but don’t really have the time to – such as reading a book, going for a run or even some arts and crafts projects.

    4. Be a tourist.

    This is the chance of living the life you’ve always thought about! Do the touristy things you've always wanted to and make the most of it! Go up the Empire State Building, admire the Sydney Opera House, ogle at the Mona Lisa in the Louvre, and sample a local cuisine while you're at it.

    5. Be sure to connect with your loved ones back at home.

    Nothing beats sharing your happy moments with the people that you love. Now that you are settled in, it’s time to check in on your loved ones! You can do that with Chat Abroad,a data roaming service which allows Smart Prepaid subscribers to access chat applications such as Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, Line, WeChat and Telegram while roaming abroad in over 130 countries for only PHP 150/day. To start chatting with your friend and loved ones, register by dialing *133# when you’re abroad. Know more about the Chat Abroad service by going here.

    Making the decision to travel is an enormous step. It's the perfect opportunity to explore the world, get to know another city, and foster your own independence. Travelling abroad will definitely be a challenge, but with the right planning it is completely possible and totally worth it. Follow these tips and you'll have a totally new life in an awesome country in no time.

  • 28 Oct 2016

    5 things to do on your dream destination

    Posted on Oct 28, 2016

    Travelling? We got you covered.

  • With the objective of discovering the next wave of Filipino YouTube creators, Smart introduced Launchpad to encourage the youth to showcase what they do best such as singing, dancing, doing make-up tutorials, sharing travel tips, making people laugh and more.

    After more than 1,500 entries, 100 content creators were chosen to undergo workshops where three ultimately emerged as the Grand Winners.

    MJ Labenia, Lesha Litonjua and Tops Unay got to own their passions and show their talents to the world. As part of their prize to the competition, which is the first of its kind in the Philippines, they will take home Samsung gadgets and win a trip to Los Angeles to collaborate with international star The Filharmonic.

    Here are their winning entries:

    · Lesha Litonjua

    · Mary Joy Labenia

    · Tops Unay

    Smart Launchpad is not yet over. You can still support your favorites from the top 100 by viewing their videos online. The top 3 with the most number of views by November 3 will win the Viewer’s Choice Award and take home Samsung S7 Edge and Samsung Gear 360. Watch the entries here.

  • 17 Oct 2016

    Smart Launchpad names the next big Pinoy content creators

    Posted on Oct 17, 2016

    Watch out for them because surely they are the next big thing.

  • All of us are now on social media. We share Facebook posts and videos, we tweet our frustrations away, we share our best moments on Instagram. A world without social media is unbearable. But what’s more unbearable is when you don’t have the data to access your social media. So, Smart Subscriber, here are some tips to help you manage your load or data subscriptions.

    For Smart Prepaid, to avoid unwanted mobile internet charges, Standard default rate for accessing the internet (the former P5 for 15 minutes) is no longer available starting September 15, 2016. That means that in case you leave your mobile internet connection turned on, your existing regular load won’t be deducted because of your apps running in the background. To go online, you just need to subscribe to one of Smart’s affordable data packages. This will address unintended use of regular load once your data subscription has expired or fully consumed.

    Subscribers will also be alerted by Smart if they are not subscribed to a data package if they go online. Smart Prepaid subscribers will be notified and will experience the following:

    · For subscribers using a BROWSER (http sites) to access the internet, connection will be routed to a paywall and receive an SMS notification if the account has insufficient balance, no data package and/or attempting to access sites outside their data package.

    · For subscribers using an APP or BROWSER (https sites) to access the internet, SMS notification will be sent if account has insufficient balance, no data package and accessing site outside their data package.

    No need to panic that your regular load will be used for data. Helpful, right? For a list of data packages, you can check it out here.

    For Smart Bro Prepaid and TNT subscribers, ensure you keep within your mobile data budget with Load Protect, a special feature for that puts you in control of your mobile data usage.

    Load Protect works like a safety net. When you subscribe to a data package, it monitors your usage and prevents you from accessing sites or apps that are not part of the data package you subscribed to. It also prevents you from going online once you’ve exceeded your package allocations. No unexpected load deductions.

    To turn on Load Protect simply follow these simple instructions.

    · For Smart Bro Prepaid, connect to the Internet with your Smart Bro account. Using your devices Internet browser, go to smart.com.ph/brodashboard (access to the dashboard using Smart Bro is free). Click on ACCOUNT BALANCE and you will see the Load Protect on/off switch. Know more here.

    · For TNT, text LOAD PROTECT ON or LOAD PROTECT OFF and send to 4545.

    That’s it! To keep on telling and sharing your stories on social media, make sure that you keep these tips and tricks to better manage your data subscription or your load. Happy surfing!

  • 14 Oct 2016

    Tips to best manage your load or data subscription

    Posted on Oct 14, 2016

    Don't wait for that time you'll run out of credits to communicate with your loved one. Follow these simple and easy tips!

  • The Cinemalaya is an independent film festival that aims to push the creation of new cinematic works. It has always been a festival that draws every film buff inside the Cultural Center of the Philippines and the Ayala Malls. The festival brings cinephiles, average moviegoers, and curious students together. What makes Cinemalaya special is that it doesn’t only feature films in competition, but also special screenings of award-winning films and forums hosted by esteemed filmmakers.

    If you’re in the mood to catch up on the best of Cinemalaya, you can now watch them anytime, anywhere with iflix. Here are five Cinemalaya films that are now available on iflix.

    1. Pepot Artista (2005)

    Doy Del Mundo’s Pepot Artista is one of the earliest gems of the festival. The film is a comedy-musical that focuses on a ten-year-old boy whose dream is to become a movie star.

    2. Endo (2007)

    The film's title is street-speak for "end of contract." Jade Castro’s film is less concerned about the social issue but on the story of the two protagonists. It is a love story set within that world of recycled employment, where romance is as disposable as the jobs these people hold onto.

    3. Niño (2011)

    A fervent believer of the Sto. Nino, Celia hopes for a miracle. She dresses up her grandson, Antony, in Sto. Nino robes to prepare him for the coming fiesta. The family members clash in a confrontation that reveals their weaknesses and their hopeless ideals.

    4. Sana Dati (2013)

    The film—which depicts moments before a wedding whose bride, inevitably, gets cold feet. The film stars Lovi Poe, he film hits you all on the right spots.

    5. Dagitab (2014)

    While the marriage of two professors is on the verge of falling apart, the woman is dragged into a scandal involving a young student. On the other hand, the man falls in love with his research — a deity (supernatural being) that appears to him as the ghost of an old flame.

    Watch these films and more on iflix! Smart, in partnership with iflix, gives you a 3-month unlimited access to thousands of hours of TV shows and movies. This exclusive offer for Smart subscribers gives Instant Access to iflix – no sign-ups or sign-ins required. Enjoy watching in two ways – stream shows online using the free data from your data package such as GigaSurf (which comes with additional 300MB for iflix), or download the video for offline viewing up to seven days.

    Photo courtesy: Reversedelay.net (header photo) and Lei Lubigan (inside page photo).

  • 07 Oct 2016

    5 Cinemalaya films you can watch on iflix

    Posted on Oct 07, 2016

    Almost two month has passed since the Cinemalaya 12 closed. Here are more films you can stream on iflix.

  • Telegram, one of the world’s hottest messaging app boasts personalized stickers, its secret messages, its advanced cryptography, its speed and its security features. It has become one of the apps that one should download in this age.

    Another fascinating thing about Telegram is it games. There are so many games which are just waiting to be played. You simply need to download and add the game bot on the group chat and activate it by text commands. It’s that easy! From action to quizzes, Telegram has it. Here are my top picks.

    1. HangBot

    Your classic paper and pencil classic is now in your phones.

    Nothing beats a classic because you can’t go wrong with it. Telegram’s HangBot does not hang and it does not crash. Invite your friends to play this game that everyone loves and adores. Start playing and download the game now!

    2. Quizarium

    Choose a category, answer fast, join in many tournaments and beat your friends.

    In Quizarium you have one minute to answer the question. Every 12 seconds you get a hint: the number of letters in the puzzle, 1st letter, etc. There are different questions to challenge your intellect. It’s not just good old Geography and Biology questions in here but also question that will make you laugh out loud. Invite your friends to download the game now to start the fun!

    3. PokerBot

    This game has conquered social media sites and messaging apps and it’s now on Telegram.

    Texas Hold 'em is probably the best known and most popular form of poker today. Each player starts with two hole cards. There are three rounds of community cards. These are dealt face up, for every player to use, with betting after each round. You know the drill, right? This game is highly addictive. Download the game now.

    4. Werewolf

    Werewolf is a game of deception. You're goal in the game is to find out who the other players are, and lynch or kill the opposing teams.

    You will be given a specific role at the start of the game. These roles fall under the side of the Village or the Evil. The Village’s task is to kill the Werewolf and the Evil’s task is to destroy the village. What make this different from the other strategy games are its diverse roles and in its gaming experience – no game is the same from your last one. Download the game here.

    Your new personal messaging app, plus games? What more can you ask for? Download the app on the App Store or on the Google Play Store. Also, make sure that you are subscribed to a data package while messaging and playing these games with your friends.

  • 05 Oct 2016

    Top games on Telegram

    Posted on Oct 05, 2016

    Besides its secure chats, Telegram has so much more to offer.

  • Instagram and Snapchat, the two photo-sharing apps, have been battling it out, head to head, for quite some time now. Instagram’s newest feature, Stories, has made people which of the two apps are better. Here’s our take on it.

    Creating stories

    When you open Snapchat, you are directed to the camera. So, content creation is as simple as a tap on the camera button. In Instagram, you are directed to your feed instantly. You can easily create the Stories by tapping on the top-left corner of the app.

    Viewing stories

    Instagram’s stories can be viewed atop your main feed. These stories are arranged based on which friends are closest to you. Snapchat‘s Stories are now ranked chronologically with the most recent story at the top.

    The difference here is how you navigate a story. In Instagram, while viewing a story, one can swipe left to watch the previous story or swipe right to view the next image. On Snapchat, tapping on the screen advances you to the next photo or video and the next story will automatically play after you view the last snap.

    Who can view these?

    The two apps pretty much have the same settings when it comes to privacy. On Snapchat, your choices are everyone or just your friends. On Instagram, Stories maintain the same privacy settings as your feed.

    Doodles and emoji

    Instagram's drawing tools are more state-of-the-art than Snapchat's. While Snapchat uses a slider tool to choose colors, Instagram lays out all the colors side by side at the bottom of your screen. There's also a nifty tool for changing the pen sizes. Instagram also offers three pen tools – the pen, the marker and the neon.

    For emojis, Snapchat wins this. Instagram only allows you to add emoji via the text bar while Snapchat lets you add emoji anywhere on your image and for some videos. You can also create your own, customized emoji via Bitmoji and add it to your snaps.

    Sending old photos

    Snapchat and Instagram allows you to share old photos but in different ways. Instagram only allows you to share photos from the camera roll that were captured from 24 hours ago while Snapchat lets you share any photo that is saved on Memories.


    The two apps let you start a conversation from a friend's story. On Snapchat, tap "chat" or swipe up on a story to start a conversation, while on Instagram you tap "send a message" or ... swipe up. Same, same.

    The Verdict

    When you put the two apps side by side, it becomes clearer that Instagram Stories is pretty similar to Snapchat Stories. Instagram shines because of its pens and its navigation options while Snapchat shines because of its multiple filters and emoji options. The final verdict? It all depends on you, Smart subscriber. Cast your vote by using your preferred app using Giga Surf or All-out Surf if you're prepaid.

  • 30 Sep 2016

    Share your stories with Snapchat and Instagram

    Posted on Sep 30, 2016

    Here's our take on the two, biggest photo-sharing apps stories feature.

  • Sometimes even our closest friends have traits or interests that are very different from ours. Just like best friends, Summer and Anika. While Summer is the very sociable type, an extrovert, Anika is an introvert –reserved, calm and observant. It can, at times, be difficult for them to agree on an activity that they both want to do. Last weekend, after a few deliberations, they ended up going to the mall to watch a movie. Now this is a win-win for the two of them. Introverted Anika doesn’t need to mingle with people and can just focus on watching the movie while, Summer the extrovert, has the freedom to express herself through funny side comments to Anika.

    After the movie, they saw the Smart Launchpad Upload Station and all the people happily lining up to broadcast their passions online. These two besties realized that despite their interesting differences, they are each talented in their own way and they both wished that the world could see the other’s potential. So they decided to sign up together and let their creativity flow!

    Telltale signs

    It’s easy to spot an extrovert, but how do you know if you’re an introvert? Check out some of the signs below:

    1. You're uncomfortable at places with crowds such as rallies, big conferences, sports arenas etc
    2. You’re great at performances, but don’t feel like mingling after the show.
    3. You’re friends with extroverts. Surprise, opposites attract!
    4. You prefer to write as a way to recharge or connect to yourself
    5. You're decisive and tend to plan ahead so that everything runs smoothly

    Unleashing your inner celebrity

    Getting discovered seems like something only extroverts can do, but not anymore in this digital age! Now you can easily express your creativity or share your expertise in a blog, or a YouTube video, without feeling daunted by a large audience. Many YouTube stars started out with a simple smartphone video they made all alone in their homes. Also, your talent and hard work could find its way to one, two or even a million people who share the same passion. After all, we all have something special within. We just have to own it.

  • 07 Sep 2016

    Are you a chill introvert or an outgoing extrovert?

    Posted on Sep 07, 2016

    Finding a venue to express yourself online, whether you are an introvert or an extrovert.

  • Ice cream and friends never disappoint. This is the best 21 loyalty points that you will ever spend. #PerkOfTheDay

  • 06 Sep 2016


    Posted on Sep 06, 2016

    Enjoy freebies and treats every day with Smart.

  • Tired of watching YouTube videos and then having it stop loading right in the middle? Or while in a heated discussion over Viber, you suddenly stop getting messages because you ran out of data? Don’t let that happen again! Here are 9 tips to maximize and conserve that data.

    1. Limit background data usage. This feature allows your apps to check for new information in the background in an intelligent and controlled manner. This function eats up a lot of your battery and data

    2. Turn off your push notifications and apps that are not in use. These alerts also eat your data because it fetches notifications from your apps.

    3. View the mobile version of a website. You should browse mobile versions of websites as much as possible as they tend to use less data and load faster.

    4. Use the save offline feature: Some apps like iflix and YouTube have this feature. When you download a video over wifi, you save data. Also, by downloading it, you can watch it anytime, anywhere. Plus, you can play the video as many times as you want. Cool, right?

    5. Screenshot pictures instead of downloading them. Downloading costs some of your data so use that screenshot feature of your phone! The feature is brilliant - and free! Use it!

    6. Use free data management apps. There are many free data management apps at the App Store and the Google Play Store but the top pick is Onavo. It lets you set your monthly data limit, analyze data usage per app, receive real time alerts when you’re about to reach your data limit and so much more. With this, you can easily manage your data usage even and even extend the value of your data plans and promos!

    7. Get rid of ads. They are annoying and they eat your data as well. This is a good reason to consider splurging on the ad-free version of an app that you always use.

    8. Download and regularly check your MySmart app: Look at your data subscription and see what’s remaining. If you only have a few MB left, connect via Wi-Fi and conserve your data until your plan refreshes. If you do not have a My Smart account yet, get one now!

    9. Subscribe to a promo that gives you bigger data. Give Smart Giga Surf a try. Giga Surf gives you 1GB of open access volume data and additional 300MB for iflix, YouTube, and more. All valid for 3 days, for only P50! I bet you won’t even use up all that data! Subscribe now!

    Those are some of the very best tips available for managing your mobile data consumption. With these tips and tricks, you get to enjoy staying online for as long as you want without worrying if you have enough data! Happy surfing!

  • 02 Sep 2016

    9 Ways To Maximize and Conserve Your Data

    Posted on Sep 02, 2016

    Here are some tips and tricks to help you manage your data usage.

  • Everyone’s snapping and it’s infectious!

    When you hear someone yell, “Snapchaaaaat,” you can’t help but go near that person and 
    get in on the silly fun, right?

    Well, get ready because Smart is giving everyone free Snapchat access from August 12 to August 14! 
    Tell stories, save memories, send instant messages and Snapchat all you can - no registration needed! Just turn on your data and start snapping! 

    Enjoy the weekend and happy snapping!


    For more details, go to smart.com.ph/pages/snap.

  • 12 Aug 2016

    Coffee is so much better with a Krispy Kreme doughnut.

    Thanks to Smart for this #PerkOfTheDay.

  • 10 Aug 2016


    Posted on Aug 10, 2016

    Enjoy freebies and treats everyday with Smart.

  • Achievement unlocked: Vlogger

    I have always wanted to express myself in more ways than one. I remember back in high school when vlogs (video blogs) were becoming the next big thing in YouTube, I’d always find time after school to watch YouTube eposides of Ryan Higa, Jenna Marbles, Ray William Johnson, and so many more! I found watching their videos very liberating, and I loved how they broadened my horizons - because their episodes often talked about lifestyles very foreign to me.

    So, when I heard that there was a platform that helps budding content creators broadcast their talents to the world, I hurriedly went to SM Mall of Asia, the second stop of the Smart Launchpad Upload Stations.

    The Smart Launchpad Upload Station at MOA is just beside the Smart store. It occupied a space big enough for a reception area, a recording area and an interactive area. I was not expecting it to be that big!

    I went to the reception area and told them that I want to experience everything. I travelled from Cavite to Pasay City so I wanted to do it all to maximize my trip, right? The first step was to register.

    Miss Jennie, assisted me all throughout the video-creation process. Step two was to practice the vlog or the music I was going to perform. Since I neither sing nor play an instrument, I decided to try my hand at vlogging. She led me to a rehearsal space where I could practice my spiel while someone else was recording a video. After a few minutes, it was my turn to record my video!

    I was so excited to record my vlog because I’d been wanting to create one since I was a teenager! Miss Jennie said I could check out the clothes rack for a costume or accessory. I tried some on but ultimately, I opted to go with my own OOTD.

    The set-up for the video recording site gives you this feeling that you’re some kind of a celebrity –tons of make-up in front of you, a vanity mirror (yes, the mirrors with light bulbs) and a director chair!

    I was told I can use the make-up and so I did. So, I took my seat and she gave me directions on how to record the video. The usual, just press the record button on the phone to start and to end. That’s it, you are your own director! The Samsung phone with a crystal-clear display captured all my adlibbing spectacularly.

    I felt like a pro, honest! No chills or nervousness whatsoever! My secret? There’s no audience watching you because the recording is a very personal experience! I had so much fun because I was just expressing myself and I kept thinking this vlog can be a medium for my voice to be heard by a lot of people. It was really exciting!

    After my vlog, I uploaded my video on YouTube using the laptops provided. They were not lying when they said that their internet was fast! The last step was to register at the Launchpad website. The registration was quick and really easy! If your video is good enough to make the cut, you get a chance to win Samsung gadgets or even fly to LA to collaborate with international YouTube stars. Yes, those very guys we’re all subscribed to on YouTube!!!

    After my experience, I asked Miss Jennie to give me a tour of the whole Upload Station. She took me where the music enthusiasts can rehearse and record their videos. It had this chill and artsy vibe.

    She also took me to the virtual reality booth wherein anyone can go on a totally different adventure. Spoiler alert: you’ll see a lot of scary and surprising things!

    To cap off my Smart Launchpad experience, I went to the photo booth and got some photos! The accessories were mostly sports accessories so I became sporty in just a snap!

    Overall, the Smart Launchpad experience was a lot of fun. For an aspiring content creator like me, it’s so heartening that Smart is taking the role of enabler, creating opportunities for young people everywhere to express themselves and to show their talent to the world.

    If you have the time, I really hope that you go to these Upload Stations and experience what I have experienced because it’s really something else!

    Watch out for these Smart Launchpad Upload Stations in these dates and locations:

    • August 7-8 at SM Baguio
    • August 13-14 at SM Clark
    • August 27-28 at SM Iloilo
    • September 3-4 at SM North EDSA
  • 09 Aug 2016

    Achievement unlocked: Vlogger

    Posted on Aug 09, 2016

    An aspiring content creator chronicles his Smart Launchpad experience.

  • Pokémon Go is now officially available in the Philippines and Smart is giving all its subscribers free data for Pokémon Go until August 12!

    So don't just sit there, go capture all the Pokémon you can! Find all the Pokéstops! Strengthen your Pokémon! Tell all your friend's because you've all got ‘til Friday to enjoy Pokémon for free!


    Download the app now at the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • 08 Aug 2016

    #SmartPokemonGO is here and its Free!

    Posted on Aug 08, 2016

    Pokémon Go is now officially available in the Philippines and Smart is giving all its subscribers free data for Pokémon Go until August 12!

  • Smart recognizes your evolving needs which is why we have embarked on a long term network transformation plan to dramatically improve your experience of our service.

    Early this year, our Chairman MVP promised "that in every step of progress, and every progress, you will be the first to know, and first to feel the change.” It is in that same spirit of transparency that our Consumer Business Head, Ariel V. Fermin, shares the letter below.

    Warm greetings !

    I am writing to share the big changes we are undertaking in our network to provide you with an enhanced digital experience on your mobile phones.

    After firing up the country’s first LTE-Advanced site in Boracay last February, we started to expand our 4G/LTE service to complement our 3G service across the country, particularly in Metro Davao. This will then be followed by Metro Cebu, Metro Manila and some parts of South Luzon that will all be completed by end of year.

    Please bear with us as these network enhancements may impact on the quality of our services from time to time.

    All of these efforts are in line with our commitment to serve you better through improved data connectivity and richer digital services. We aim to make #InternetForAll a reality.

    For any concerns, issues and feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach us at 200, our toll-free 24/7 hotline using your Sun-powered phone, or (02) 3958000 using your landline.

    We are changing for the better.
    We will get there, together.

    Thank you.

    At your service,

    Ariel P. Fermin
    EVP and Head of Consumer Business

  • 08 Aug 2016

    The Road to #InternetForAll

    Posted on Aug 08, 2016

    Smart recognizes your evolving needs which is why we have embarked on a long term network transformation plan to dramatically improve your experience of our service. Early this year, our Chairman MVP promised "that in every step of progress, and every progress, you will be the first to know, and first to feel the change.” It is in that same spirit of transparency that our Consumer Business Head, Ariel V. Fermin, shares this letter.

  • I still remember the moment I held my very first Nintendo console over a decade ago, in the summer of 2002. My relatives just got back from the States with pasalubong, I got a neon green Gameboy Color with Pokémon Crystal version. I spent my childhood watching the Pokémon series on TV and like most kids -- I loved it! The memories I have from the game---from catching my very first Pokémon in Route 29 to beating the dragon specializing Pokémon Champion Lance in Indigo Plateau, and the countless times I had to reboot because of failing to capture some legendary and rare Pokémon --- everything’s still so fresh, it’s crazy!

    Fast forward to September 2015, The Pokémon Company released the trailer for an upcoming smartphone game called Pokémon Go.

    THE HYPE IS REAL. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! Pokémon in the real world is a dream come true for Pokémon fans everywhere. What’s even better is that a lot of people can play because it’s accessible via smartphone - thank you technology!

    The Pokémon Go Experience

    July 6, 2016- Niantic, the game developer launched the game in Australia and New Zealand on Android and iOS. I freaked out. I jumped right into making a New Zealand Apple ID just to download and experience the game.

    I couldn’t believe that it was really happening!

    I chose Charmander as my starter Pokémon because Charizard is my favorite. However, you can still catch the other starter Pokémon even Pikachu. Pokémon GO got me very excited so I went around the neighborhood to catch more Pokémon.

    Left: an Ivysaur and two Doduos are nearby. Right: a Geodude is nearby.

    The blue/purple posts above are PokéStops where you can get free items (mostly Pokéballs) and the grey ones (like the one on the right) are the Pokémon Gyms.. Going to PokéStops and Gyms are key to everything because )from what I’ve heard from friends abroad) the higher your level is, the stronger and rarer Pokémon will appear. Team Instinct for the win! Upon reaching level 5 you will get to choose a team based on the legendary birds: Articuno (Team Mystic), Zapdos (Team Instinct), and Moltres (Team Valor). THIS IS SO COOL. Being on Level 5 also allows you to conquer and attack Gyms, so I went back to the one near our house and claimed it for Team Instinct. I found out that you can level up the Pokémon Gyms by attacking them to gain “Gym Prestige.” The higher the level of the Gym, the more guardians you can put, therefore the more difficult it is to beat. So it’s recommended to attack multiple-guardian Gyms in groups and with teammates!


    Since then, fans have been waiting for the game to be up and running worldwide. It is currently live in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Japan, France and Hong Kong. As one of the Community Managers of Smart and a huge Pokémon fan, I’m just as excited as everyone to play the game and we’re doing everything in Smart to make your Pokémon experience---and mine as well---more fun once it’s out. To Niantic, we know that your engineers and technical team are working extremely hard to add more Pokémon Go servers worldwide. We’re thankful for that. We’d just like to let you know that a lot of people here are looking forward to relive our childhood, become Pokémon Masters, and fulfill the promise once and for all -- to be the very best like no one ever was.


    Paolo Umpa,

    a ’90s kid
  • 01 Aug 2016

    An Open Letter to Pokémon GO

    Posted on Aug 01, 2016

    Pokémon Go is coming - A 90’s kid perspective

  • 600x422

    Dream Job unlocked in just a few taps

    Finding the perfect job… Now there’s an adventure.

    You’ve heard all the clichés and read all the memes – the do what you love and never work a day in your life types. But in reality how many times a day do you come across the hashtag #dreamjob?

    We want to land not just any job, but a job we love and enjoy doing. But where should we begin?

    Back in the day when our parents looked for work, they put on strict corporate attire and roamed from one office building to another while they distribute copies of a typewritten (gasp!) resume. Thankfully, in today’s world we can do all that networking online.

    LinkedIn has firmly established itself as the top social network for professionals in the world. It’s the simplest (if not the coolest), fuss-free and most efficient way to find relevant leads in your job search without even stepping out of your house. And like all other brilliant solutions of today’s digital world, LinkedIn has the answer to every job seeker’s prayer - a mobile app! So whether you’re a fresh grad or would simply like to explore if the grass is greener on the other side, seeking career opportunities takes only a few taps.

    So the first step on Project #dreamjob is to download the LinkedIn app on your cellphone and create your profile. As a Smart postpaid subscriber you are entitled to a 3months FREE Job Seeker Premium Plus subscription so make sure you avail of that to enjoy super perks like Featured Applicant status to help you stand out among other applicants. Don’t forget to also upload your best professional looking photo (Tip : a well taken photograph increases your chances of being found on LinkedIn 14x!) and build an engaging profile that communicates your skills, experiences and the unique value you’ll bring to your future employer.

    Done? That was easy. Now you’re officially a candidate on the LinkedIn network and you’re well on your way to landing the job you want.

    Good luck! Hope to see your first #ilovemyjob tweet real soon.

  • 26 Jul 2016

    Dream Job unlocked in just a few taps

    Posted on Jul 26, 2016

    Found that dream job yet? Explore careers opportunities while expanding your network the fastest way possible.

  • We’ve got something exciting for some lucky subscribers tonight and its going to be B1G.

    If you’re a prepaid subscriber dreading the rush hour traffic, cheer up! You just may be one of thousands of lucky ones who is actually going to enjoy being stuck in traffic tonight.

  • 14 Jul 2016

    Traffic sucks less when you’re online

    Posted on Jul 14, 2016

    We’ve got something exciting for some lucky subscribers tonight and its going to be B1G.

  • It’s been a couple of weeks since we relaunched our company logo, and the buzz surrounding it continues to persist. I still get PMs from friends who ask me questions about the relaunch. We’ve gotten our share of criticism too, and some comments have given us interesting food-for-thought. Our employees are excited about the change, and our new brand look is already being rolled out in various points-of-presence.

    What’s in a logo anyway?

    Why change?

    We posted in our website a brief explanation – read it here

    So instead of giving the same explanation, I thought it would be good to give you the short back story. It all started with the simple question :


    Smart has been the mobile leader for years now, but we knew it was time for an overhaul. There were things about our brand that needed to change to keep pace.

    And as we searched for answers on how to distill all that we wanted to do, it always went back to the question “WHY”, more specifically

    “Why does Smart exist?”

    The second question we needed to answer was

    “WHAT FOR?”

    We thought we could answer the question in a full-day workshop. But we had barely skinned the cat. So we talked again. And again – through emails, texts, Whatsapp and Viber conversations. We would pause in a middle of a meeting that reminded us of the “WHY” and the “WHAT”, and we would go off-tangent and discuss those questions again.

    And finally we arrived at the answers.

    Smart exists because it wants to make life BETTER for the Filipino. Full stop.

    We exist for the Filipino who wants to do more and be more, but can’t because of different barriers.

    For more than 20 years, Smart has always kept that in mind launching practical innovations aimed at making life better. But over the years, we realized that some of our systems, processes, and service experience haven’t been great. We studied the complaints of our customers and realized that we needed a major shift in the way we did things, if we wanted to stick to the core of our existence of making life better for Filipinos.

    This year, Smart is spending P45 Billion to improve its network. There are scores of people in the company who are tirelessly working in getting our services up-to-speed to achieve better Internet and service experience for our consumers. And no less than our Chairman MVP is leading the charge.

    Our logo reflects that commitment – the color speaks of rebirth and hearkens back to those days when our prepaid color was seen in every corner sari-sari store; its 3 blades symbolize the pillars of our existence – our Technology, our People, and our valued Customers; and our brand name is written in a friendly, almost handwritten, manner.

    It’s a whole new world, and we in Smart are passionate, and persistent, to make things better.

    Welcome Change.

  • 11 Jul 2016

    Changing for the Better

    Posted on Jul 11, 2016

    Welcome to #aNewDay. By now you’ve seen the logo transformation, and you may be wondering what the backstory of that logo change is. Ms. Kathy Carag, Head of the Smart Masterbrand, shares what this journey is all about.